Videos of Interest to Masons

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So You Want To Be A Mason?

A great (9:20) video overview of "Masonary: What is it, Who has been a Mason, Who will you meet in Lodges, How does it take Good Men and Make Them Better"


What It Means To Be A Mason

CBS Sunday Morning Explores Masonary


A Time for Greatness

Ben Franklin

Ben Franklin tells about Freemasonry in 30 seconds.

A Simple Charge to The Fraternity

Ben Franklin

A Charge With a New Mason

Benjamin Franklin

In this 4 minute video, Ben Franklin reviews his thoughts on his early days as a 25 year old, who had just joined the Masons and what he would say to them as a Mason of more than 50 years of Masonic Life.

A Timely Chat With America

Ben Franklin

In this 3:28 long video we recall how in the days leading up to the American Revolution, Free Masons told King George of England, " We are a Free People and We The People do not answer to you anymore." If it weren't for our Founding Fathers, many of whom were Freemasons, there never would have been an America for the people of the world to experience the Liberties we so enjoy as Americans. Ben Franklin's words on Masonic principles should guide our behaviors and thoughts.

People You May Not Know Were Masons

From Darkness to Light

An Inside Look at The Goals of Freemasonry